The Constants of a Meaningful Prayer Life


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 What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘prayer’?

Do you think in terms of a really formal setting using really formal conversation? Do you think of a certain posture such as kneeling? Do you think of a specific religion that is extremely structured?

I have come to view prayer in the simplest of terms. It is a conversation. It is a conversation between us and God. How does conversation happen? One person talks and one person listens and vice versa. There are no rules and regulations. There are no formulas. There’s no time frame. There is no hard and fast structure.

That’s the beauty! It can look however we want it to look. The Holy Spirit is always on the move. Our God is all about accomplishing something new in us and through us. In order to do that, neither He nor we can get weighed down with sameness and any sort of legalism.

It can be a struggle. We desperately tend to want a formula or a guarantee. We want this abstract concept of prayer to fit in a nice little box.

Although there are no absolutes, I have thought about some constants of a meaningful prayer life.



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The Rally Cry



We’ve all heard someone shout this. We’ve all wanted to be on the receiving end of it. We’ve all wanted to be a part of it. It’s the rally cry. It’s the cry for unity and encouragement. It’s the cry for support and honor.

The world, more often than not, can seem so cold and harsh and disheartening. At every level it seems as though discouragement is all around me. One of the predominant ways I experience this is in my day job. That 40 hours a week can be some of the hardest for me. I am surrounded by women who speak critical and negative words. Their words are intended to cut and make others bleed. Their tongues are aimed towards speaking death. They bring divisiveness and dissension with each accusation and slanderous tone.

There hasn’t been anyone leading in a rally cry. There are no congratulations extended. There are no pats on the back. There is only drama and confusion that clearly stems from the enemy. I feel a call to lead the way, but have been repeatedly shut down at every turn.

I think of all of my stunning friendships with women in my church and around the world who desire nothing more than unity amongst women. Even if their voices are worn out and fading away, they stand tall with this cry. I admire them and want to walk in their footsteps.

Unfortunately, in godly community, this rally cry can become just as drowned out as it does in the world.

My days can be long, draining and downright exhausting, but they remind me of how God wants His daughters to come together and build His Kingdom.



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Always, Still a Work in Progress

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