On Secret Sins and the Secret Place

Sin. It’s a tricky thin, isn’t it? Those of us in Christ don’t want to participate in it, but somehow we easily fall prey to it. We all know there is no hierarchy when it comes to sin. Lust is just as wrong as adultery. Anger is just as wrong as murder. It all quenches the Holy Spirit and it all breaks the Father’s heart.

“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” Romans 7:15

Recently, I had 3 consecutive weekends of attending 3 ridiculously dynamic women’s conferences. I was literally on the highest of highs. It was amazing! I am very much still processing all that God spoke to me and all that He did during those 3 weeks. He marked me beyond words.

After all of that spiritual activity, the enemy hit me hard. I don’t normally attribute much to him, but this was nothing but him. He was waging war for my soul in the worst way. He attacked my mind with no holds barred.

I don’t tend to deal with outward sins as much as I do with inward ones. You know the ones I’m talking about…envy, comparison, anger, bitterness, apathy, etc… The list really could go on and on. If you’re anything like me, those inward sins can bring more shame and guilt than the outward ones. It’s quite easy to hide these sins from the world. Honestly, the shame and guilt came very close to knocking me out for the count. I felt as though I was spiraling out of control. The past few weeks of battle came out of nowhere. I had been beautifully walking out my calling. God had been opening many doors of connection and I had experienced some of the sweetest times of prayer and worship.

One of the events I attended was Beth Moore’s conference called LIT. It was geared to women in their 20s and 30s. Christy Nockels led Heaven touching worship. And Beth, along with Jennie Allen, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine and Melissa Moore all shared about this call to communicate. Everyone spoke to the fact that it is a weighty call and there is a cost to it. In order to fulfill this call, we need to first be filled. This filling ONLY comes from time spent in the secret place of God and us. This time with God is not reserved for those who may minister from a public platform. It is for EVERY believer because we all minister and share Christ in some way. We all have a measure of influence.


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Returning to Wonder


I used to make New Year’s resolutions, but then I realized by the end of the year I never fully realized them. It’s very disappointing. With every passing year, I felt more and more like a failure.

You can’t imagine how excited I was when the whole One Word for the year idea became wildly popular! One Word…if it was a goal, I’d be way more apt to accomplishing it. But, my one words have been more about expectancy. My words have been about what I believe the Lord was telling me to expect about the upcoming year.

Some previous words have been dream, brave and abide. It has been so fun to see those words play out in various areas of my life. This year I sensed that God wanted to do something different in me and through me.

My real life community of friends are downright amazing! They are mighty women of faith from all different walks of life. They carry strong prophetic anointings. They can pray the Heavens down. They are generous and passionate pursuers of God and the things of God. We recently discussed in our small group all about our words and how we were going to practically walk them out this year.

I have been a believer for almost 20 years and I have followed hard after God in spite of hard seasons. But, I really feel as though there is a shift coming in the atmosphere. I am expecting to see the more of the Lord this year. That will require me to step out in faith. It will require me to not play it safe and risk. Most importantly, it’ll require me to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit.

My word for the year is WONDER. There is so much wonder wrapped up in the mere presence of God. Then, there is crazy wonder from the works of His hands. It just never ends. And I love it!


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Always, Still a Work in Progress

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Always, Still a Work in Progress


Always, Still a Work in Progress

Always, Still a Work in Progress

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Always, Still a Work in Progress


Always, Still a Work in Progress

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