Favorite Finds Friday!

I seriously love a good collaboration! I couldn’t have picked a better one than Candace Cameron Bure and Dayspring and Incourage!

If you don’t know who Candace Cameron is, I’m not sure where you’ve been, but she is a well known actress, author, communicator advocate and entrepreneur. She is one of my favorite people and dare I say, role models. She is the epitome of kind, gracious, generous and joyful. She loves Christ and is unashamed to share the Gospel. She is bold in the face of adversity and criticism. She stands firm on the Word of God and stands secure in her identity in Him.

Candace has just released a new book entitled ‘Kind is the New Classy: The Power of Living Graciously’. This book is coming at the perfect time! Many people wander aimlessly, not knowing who they are, and being tossed around with every passing trend. We also live in such a divided society. Everyone is so easily offended and always wanting to be angry about something.


“The world has a way of defining you if you don’t know who you are before you get out there.” Candace Cameron Bure


There are injustices in the world that we must stand against, but we do it in Jesus’ name and in the power of His love. It is His kindness that leads to repentance. Kindness and grace are the best ways to show the love of Christ and to be a genuine witness for Him. In her new book, Candace shares practical application of Scripture and real life stories of God working in her life to walk out grace in any situation.

Along with her new book, Candace joined Dayspring and Incourage to release some fun new products inspired by Kind is the New Classy! The new line includes t-shirts, paper products and phone cases and much more! I got a sneak peek before it launched and it is dreamy! The colors, the design, the message and the quality…all top notch!

If you love Candace like I do and have a deep love for super FUN products, then this new line is for you!


You can click here to buy a copy of the book or some of the awesome resources!

You can also connect with Candace, Incourage and Dayspring on Instagram! Feel free to use the hashtags #KindIsTheNewClassy and #SpreadKindness when you share about your new products!


Favorite Finds Friday!

This favorite find is not super new. I have been a part of this company for a couple of years now, but today, I decided to share the FUN with all of you!

You may or may not have heard of this awesome company called Refit Revolution. It is a fitness company built around community. As all of you know, community is my JAM! It is also built around music and movement. Those are two other things that I love!


The mission and vision of REFIT is simple.

“We believe that the heart is more than a muscle. That a person is more than a body. That relationships are as important as results. We believe fitness isn’t just for the fit…it’s for the willing.” (From the Website)


I had the joy of getting certified as a REFIT instructor last weekend. The whole training was amazing. We had an experience class and exercises that taught us how to lead and why we lead. My favorite parts were hearing from the 2 of the 3 founders Angela Beeler and Catherine Ballas. Sadly, Emily Fields wasn’t there. Their sole purpose for this company is to show the love of God and build His family and establish authentic community.

Community is for everyone. Christ is for community. We should be for community as well. What better way to build community than through music and dancing and plain old fun?!


If you are looking for a place to belong, I know that REFIT is for you! You don’t have to be the most coordinated to join in. You just have to know how to smile and have a good time!

For more information or to find a REFIT class in your area, visit REFIT Revolution.

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