Favorite Finds Friday!

I am a worshipper! I love any opportunity to worship! Whether it be alone or corporately. I am all over it! I also love my friends! So, when those two worlds come together, it’s a good thing!


I have known Richie and Dana Fike for almost 20 years. Their hearts are for worship. Their hearts are pure and devoted soley to the Lord. Out of that devotion, they have a deep desire to see the Body of Christ go deep in their worship. I own all of their music and  they have stayed true to who God has called them to be. They tap into His presence and the power of His Word and write songs that sing the cry of my heart. Their anointing is strong!


They have just released a new album called, “You Say Speak, We Say Move’! It’s beyond good! It’s holy!

You can find it on itunes here… https://itun.es/us/rBOwlb

And you should definitely connect with them on the interwebs to come alongside all that God is doing in and through their lives!!!


Twitter: @fikemusic

Facebook: facebook.com/fikeanddana

Instagram: @fikemusic


Favorite Finds Friday!

So, my friend Allison Allen is amazing! And not only because we share the same last name! But, she is amazing because she is funny, gracious, kind, passionate and a deep well of wisdom. She doesn’t just carelessly throw out words. She carefully crafts them and filters them through the lens of Scripture and the Holy Spirit. Also, she is a champion’s champion. She has been one of the greatest sources of love and encouragement in my life over the past year. I am beyond blessed to have her in my life!

You can have some of that encouragement in your life too! Allison has just released her first book, called Shine: Stepping Into the Role You Were Made For

From the website…

“Actors aren’t the only ones who play characters. Many of us do, much of the time. We walk into a room, figure out who we’re supposed to be in this context, slip into character, and say the lines we know we should say. We become someone else. Maybe we tell ourselves it’s some version of us, but deep down we know this inauthentic character is not what God wants for our lives—and it’s not what we want either.

With fascinating personal stories and sharp insight into human nature, former actor Allison Allen calls you to drop the brave act and step into the role of a lifetime—being your real self in Christ, no matter what the critics might say. She gives you permission to talk about, rather than around, the things you feel, freeing you to step out of the shadows and into the light of God’s true calling.”


Allison, through her incredibly winsome personality meets you where you are and leads you to a place of incredible freedom. She has opened the door for all of us to fully be who God created us to be and to fully walk out that identity in the world around us. It’s never too late to receive fresh vision or dream a new dream. It’s never too late to shine and step into the roles we were made for!


Visit her site, buy her book and connect with someone who passionately desires to see you fulfill the calling on your life!


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