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In this great big world of millions of people, it is easy to find the ones who are selfish and out for themselves. They can appear to be the majority. Then, someone comes along who is the exact opposite. They are kind, loving, gracious and compassionate. And they inspire others to be the same. Mike Foster is one of those people. He effortlessly loves people the way Jesus loves them. He not only loves people, he loves hurting people.

The lives of hurting people are not handled well by many of us, myself included. People’s pain, regardless of the source of it, is awkward and messy. In order walk with hurting people requires us to be flexible and long-suffering. We don’t always want to do this, but we are so often the door to someone’s healing and freedom.

That’s exactly what all of the resources and training of People of the Second Chance allows us to do. It equips us with the tools and resources needed to engage with those who are hurting in the most humble, kind and gracious of ways. The resources teach us how to speak love and truth and hope to weary souls.

As believers, we know there is always purpose in our pain. We know that God never wastes a hurt. We are to lead others into the comfort, healing and freedom that we have found in Christ.

These products are high level and completely practical and also full of Holy Spirit wisdom.

Connect with Mike on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Connect with People of the Second Chance on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

You can pick up Mikes’s books and resources here. And sign up for training at Rescue Academy.


Favorite Finds Friday!

If you know me, you’d know I am a TIU girl! TIU stands for Tone It Up. It is a one stop shop for ALL things health, fitness and wellness. I really do love it! There are many aspects to Tone It Up, but today I’m gonna share a couple things today.


We all need a good source of protein. In addition to the protein I find in food, I also like to add some protein to my morning smoothies. And I’m always in the mood for a treat.

The founders of TIU, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have recently partnered with good ole Target! It’s super exciting, as you can tell in the video below! They have introduced a line of protein bars and protein powders that can be purchased in store or online.

Each product is plant based, gluten free, vegan, NON-GMO and packed with protein.


From the website…

“Tone It Up Protein supports the busy babe with a healthy and active lifestyle! We use simple, clean, NON-GMO, and gluten free ingredients to nourish your beautiful body. Protein builds lean muscle, speeds up metabolism, increases energy, and makes hair and skin glow! Your beautiful body deserves it. Our delicious products promote a healthy and lean physique while giving your body essential nutrients for post workout recovery. Perfect for on the go women just like you!”


I can’t recommend these products enough!!! They are my JAM!!!!

You can connect with Kat and Karena on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course their website!




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