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Today, I am headed to sunny Florida! I am going to celebrate 20 years of an incredible woman and incredible ministry and an even more incredible move of God! The ministry is called Living Proof and the woman is named Beth Moore. Hopefully, you have heard of both, but if not, let me tell you a little bit about them.

Beth is at the top of my list when it comes to Bible teachers. She is hilarious, winsome, engaging and brings a solid word. Every message is founded on the Scriptures and revelation from the Holy Spirit about the word. She doesn’t hold anything back. She is bold, honest, genuine and transparent. She is an amazing communicator and gifted writer.

“Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. She has written numerous books and Bible studies that have been read by women of all ages, races, and denominations.” -(From the website)

I have had the joy and honor of getting to know Beth a little for over 15 years and I have sat under her teaching for almost 20 years. She is far from perfect, but has never claimed to be. She is humble, gracious, kind, loving and teachable. I respect and esteem her greatly. I have learned from her, been encouraged and challenged and been loved by her. She is a gift to both my life and the Body of Christ.

If you can make it to a Living Proof Live event this year or ever, DO IT!!!!! I promise God will show up and move mightily in your midst.

Favorite Finds Friday!




As I speak, I am in Austin, Texas for this little gathering called IF. If what you ask. If God is real, then what? Jennie Allen, the visionary for this movement posed this question 5 years ago and it has been blowing minds ever since. If he is real in our lives, our lives should look different. We would talk differently. We would believe differently. We would think differently. We would live differently.

God gave Jennie Allen this vision and the Holy Spirit blew on it and it has gone further than anyone could have imagined. The only focus Jennie has had and continues to have is to



a generation of women and see them walk out their callings and further the Gospel. She has stayed true to this call by speaking truth with a grace-filled anointing, a zeal for His bride and a devotion to His Word.


There are several extensions of IF….







You can explore each of these areas here and you can connect with IF on Twitter and Instagram.

And you can also connect with Jennie on her website, Twitter and Instagram.


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