Singleness and Hardship


At 36 and single, I’m feeling okay about life. I was never the girl that dreamed of marriage. However, by this age I assumed I would be married with kids. Most days I don’t think about being single; it’s just what my life is. But there are some days when I find myself thinking about it often. The past couple of months have been a string of those days.

I live in Baton Rouge. In case you’re not aware, there was a serious flood here in August. It completely devastated my city and the surrounding areas. There are about 200,000 people who have been affected in one way or another. I, unfortunately am one of those people. I’ve lost most of my furniture, my home and my vehicle. As you can imagine, this season has been beyond overwhelming. In the midst of all the chaos, I’ve thought many times how husband sure would be handy. Not handy in the sense that he would fix everything — although I’m not opposed to that! — but more that I’d have someone to walk through this hardship with.

I know God is always with me, but sometimes I need a tangible reminder, a flesh and blood person to hug and cry with. The season isn’t the only difficult one I’ve navigated alone, but it has been one of the most devastating. It seems as though every time I turn around, I’m dealing with some new consequence from the flood.

Honestly, it’s exhausting. I’m physically, mentally and spiritually drained. I’d like to come home to someone who understands and who’s with me every step of the way. But, I don’t have that, and I don’t know if I’ll ever have that. So, where does that leave me? And if you’re in a similar position, where does that leave you?


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  1. Annette Bell
    Oct 18, 2016 @ 06:34:06

    I’m about the same age as you, and also single. I do believe I’ll get married one day, but I don’t know when. I’m pretty happy, but sometimes I pray and wish for a husband to share life’s joys and sorrows with (in a deeper way than I can with my parents or my closest girlfriends). I’m sorry you are dealing with all this loss. I hope God will use your church family to offer encouragement and long-suffering load-bearing.


  2. Danielle
    Oct 21, 2016 @ 21:44:48

    Hi Karina! I found you through Boundless. Thank you for your candid sharing about the difficult situation you’re currently going through. I’ll be praying that God’s abundant grace, comfort, and help continue to be poured out upon you. I find it’s always at the end of the day, when I’m alone with nothing but my thoughts, that the enemy whispers his lies the loudest. I’ve spent many a night crying out to my Heavenly Father and casting down those lies that attempt to exult themselves above the knowledge of Christ. But praise God for community through His body! You’re completely right about its importance. We need to bear one another’s burdens and help lift one another up. I’m glad you’re accepting the help that they’re offering to you. And please know that I’m lifting you up through prayer!

    ~Danielle – a fellow 30-something single sister in Christ 🙂


    • karina
      Oct 23, 2016 @ 15:16:48

      Thank you so much Danielle! I will cherish your kind words. Yes, those are some of the hardest times or me as well. There have been many tears shed over the last couple of months. I thank God that He bottles them and uses them for purpose in His way and timing. Thank you for your prayers. They do not go unnoticed!


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