Permission Granted


Here in the South, we are all about manners. We say please and thank you. We grow up learning to ask permission to do any and everything. This is good and right. But, there comes a point where we come to rely on asking permission for everything. We ask permission for things that God has already said yes to.

Now, I grew up a Catholic in New Orleans. It was very traditional and prim and proper. I accepted Christ during my Sophomore year in college. The new Christian circles I began to travel in started out with Southern Baptists and then moved toward the Charismatic sect. In any given corporate worship setting now, I raise my hands, clap and dance. This demonstrative style is very much the opposite of how I grew up. By no means is one way better than the other. But I do like how I worship.

I recently attended a women’s conferenceΒ  at a sweet Methodist church. The women were kind and welcoming. I go to a non-denominational mega church. We are loud in worship and we talk back to the preacher during the sermon. I’m not used to services being so quiet. The Lord has done a work in me regarding how I worship. I learned to keep my eyes fixed on Him and to not care what others think. Both days I sat in the front and worshiped my little heart out. I Amen’d Lisa Harper a lot as she spoke. She liked it. Throughout the course of the conference, probably about 5 or so women, that I didn’t know, approached me. They all said that they loved how I worship. They said they wish they could do that. A couple of them even said how they now felt permission to worship more freely.

Y’all I get this from quite a bit of people when I find myself in other church environments. It blesses me beyond words! Over the past several months, I have begun to realize that we are all waiting around for someone to give us permission. We wait for permission to share God’s Word. We wait for permission to use our giftings. We often wait for permission to pursue a dreams.

Why? Why do we wait for someone else to give us permission?

Ultimately, God has already given us all the permission that we’ll ever need.

He has created us, called us and equipped us.


To read the rest, join me over at Incourage!



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