The Dance Between Worship And Trust



Most people know the story of The Samaritan Woman found in John 4. Jesus meets this woman at a well…a woman who is considered an outcast. She is of mixed ancestry and considered less than. She has no legitimate work. She has a reputation. She is the one that is gossiped about. She is not married but has had many relationships. She is unwelcome in her community. No one sees value in her.

That is no way to live. That is no way to thrive. That is no way to function within community.

Jesus comes along one day and blows her mind with who He is and what He says. He calls out her every sin. He challenges her beliefs. But He also calls her to a higher standard of living. He speaks life and purpose to her spirit. He speaks truth, hope and love to her heart.

After He does this, she ran back to the town and pleaded with everyone to “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” What would prompt her to do this? Trust. Jesus is holy and we are called to that same holiness. When we miss His standard in anyway, we sin. When The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, He does so with such grace, love and kindness. That is what Jesus did with this woman. He corrected her with love not with condemnation. He showed her His desire for her life. It was because of this, she knew she could trust Him. 

The Jesus in this story is the same Jesus to us. He wants us to trust Him with our sin, our shame and our hurt. He wants us to trust Him with our joys and dreams as well. Someone that can be trusted like this is the only one deserving of our worship. Giving all of our attention and affection is the the most sincere form of worship. This is the life that Jesus intended.

There is a dance between worship and trust. They go hand in hand. They lead to and flow from one another. We can’t worship what we don’t trust. But when we trust, beautiful worship can take place.

I pray that you will give Him all of you…the ugly, the messy and the most unlovely parts of yourself along with the put together and pretty parts. He is trustworthy with it all. When we discover this about our Christ, we can then worship Him with full abandon knowing He always has our good and His glory in mind.


Dance beloved.

Dance in trust.

Dance in worship.

Dance in spirit and truth.


What part of your life do you find it difficult to trust God with?


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