True Delight {Enjoy}

bible-verses-5Psalm 37:4 is one of those verses that is always misconstrued or taken out of context or just not understood fully. Often people equate this verse with God being a genie in a bottle. I find some happiness in God and He gives me whatever I want, right? Wrong!  That is the complete opposite of how this verse plays out in our lives.

This verse isn’t even really about us. It is all about the Lord. It starts with Him, ends with Him and He is wrapped up in the midst of it.

Delight means a strong feeling of happiness; great pleasure or satisfaction in something that makes you very happy; something that gives you great pleasure or satisfaction.

God wants to be what we delight in.

He is the very essence of all that is good, pure, perfect and holy. He is worthy of being delighted in. Him alone. I have learned over the years that this verse is less about God granting my every wish but all about a heart transformation. As I seek Him in His word, in prayer and in community, He is found by me. That is true delight, to know the Father’s heart. The more we know Him, the more we become like His Son.

The desires of our hearts are found in Christ.

The more we become like His Son, the more our desires change. I no longer crave many of the sinful desires of my flesh. I have the nature of Christ and I am learning to have a heart for the things of God. My heart rejoices at the things that cause His heart to rejoice and my heart breaks for the things that cause His heart to break.

This can be a hard life to live because it effects where we go, who we let into our lives and what we participate in. These choices aren’t always popular or understood by those around us. But I am willing to count the cost. I want to live for an audience of One.

Not only do I delight in God, but He delights in me.



When I become more and more like Christ, God finds great joy in giving me the desires of my heart because they are His desires as well. They line up with His word and bring Him glory. They encourage others and further His Kingdom.


Our true delight is solely encompassed by His will and His way. 


Delight in Him.

Receive the desires of your heart.

Enjoy Him rejoicing over you.


Do you find it difficult to delight in God and/or to accept that He delights in you?





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amy M
    Mar 08, 2015 @ 13:24:10

    Love this. Seeking after the things which delight God transforms life so much. Have a great week!


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