When Unexpected Dreams Come True

Remember that secret that I mentioned in my last post?

Well, the secret is out! You can read all about it here…



You read it right! I am one of the new contributing writers for Incourage! I honestly don’t know how this happened. How did I get here? I did apply. And I did pray that God would lead the team in choosing the new writers. But seriously, how did I make it here amongst such anointed and powerful voices? The only answer that I can think of is that the Lord CHOSE me to be here. This community that I discovered about 2 ½ years ago has played such a huge part in my walk with God. My intimacy with Jesus has grown and I can say with my whole heart that some of my dearest friendships have been found and cultivated in this space.

I have dreams that I only dream about and I have dreams that I have actually spoken out loud. Now those are the really scary ones! When you speak things out loud, there is an expectation of actually doing something about them.

This didn’t fall into either of those categories. This dream of writing for Incourage was the dream that I didn’t even have the courage to just dream about. Being chosen was completely unexpected! Even when I applied, all I thought was that this was probably a long shot. Although I have written poetry for 20 years, I’ve only been a blogger for a year. I’m not qualified. My “platform” isn’t large. What if my story isn’t interesting? What if I am not a good writer?

But God!

Oh, how I love it when He steps in!

He steps in and puts His “super” on my “natural”.
He steps in and perfects His power in my weakness.
He steps in and qualifies me because He has called me.

I came across this amazing quote by my friend on Facebook just this week.

“Seems as though some of the best things come unexpectedly…out of nowhere.” -Tori Mckenzie

There is such truth in this statement!

It’s in the times when we allow God to bring about an outcome, that the beauty of His sovereignty shines forth.

I am learning that when I manipulate a situation, it always falls apart. My strength eventually runs out. But His never does. What He accomplishes will last.

My prayer in this new season is to play a small part in God’s great story. May I be faithful to speak His words of life, love,  hope, truth and purpose into your souls.



What is the dream in your heart that you haven’t even had the courage to really dream about?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alia Joy
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 13:48:17

    “My prayer in this new season is to play a small part in God’s great story.” Me too, friend. So excited (thrilled) to be on this journey together.


  2. angela
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 14:58:22

    I love this, friend! It is amazing how God steps in and creates something bigger and more beautiful than we could ever imagine. I’m so thrilled to be able to write along side you!


    • karina
      Apr 09, 2014 @ 15:12:54

      Thank you Angela! I am all about taking the pressure off of myself and placing it on His strong shoulders! I am blessed to be among all of you!!!


  3. Sarah@childrencount
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 15:47:34

    “He puts His super on my natural” – I love that!! 🙂


    • karina
      May 09, 2014 @ 12:51:41

      Hey Sarah! Thank you for reading! I try to always be intentional in remembering that everything is by His power and His might! It is all about Him!!!


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