A New Opportunity

I am SO excited about a new opportunity that the Lord has blessed me with.  A few weeks ago, (in)courage.me tweeted that they were looking for women to lead online small groups. I heart small groups! That is where God has performed some of the most profound changes in my life. I applied but was not chosen due to an overwhelming response.  I was okay. I knew that God would give me another chance to lead in that context. And that He did…a couple of weeks later, Lisa Jo Baker emailed me saying that some things had changed and a girl named Hope needed a co-leader. She thought that we’d be a great fit. She was right and so here we are!

This is Hope’s introduction for our group…

Hello Ladies and welcome. Please join us on a journey to grow closer to God by reading and studying God’s Word. Together we will read the bible, Christian bible study books, as well as Christian living books.

God’s word is alive, active and should be lived out in our lives. As a member of this group, you should expect to grow, flourish, and be transformed – both individually and collectively.

In addition to the bible, we have chosen Anything: The Prayer That Unlocked My God and My Soul by Jennie Allen, to aid us in our pursuit of God. We believe this book will help us surrender our lives to God. It will help us figure out our “anything.”

Jennie Allen writes,

As a generation, I believe we are all yawning and waking up, identifying these currents, and comparing them to the truth of God. We’re considering this simple but game-changing thought:

“If God is real and we are going to live with him forever, shouldn’t he be the only thing?”


I believe that like every generation before us, we have an opportunity to see God move in our midst… to surrender in such a way that we would turn the head and heart of God. He waits for surrendered lives, and he finds them, he floods them. I want to be a part of that.

Won’t you join us on this journey to discovering our “anything” and surrendering it all to God? Maybe you saw the book recommended this summer by (in)courage and would like to dive deeper? Or maybe you’re wondering what life would look like if you really gave everything – worries, fears, struggles – your anything and everything to God?  If so, you are in the right place. And we can’t wait to grow together as we read this book and hear God speak to our hearts.

Our group is pretty simple. We’ve created a private Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/505067442854323/) to share our reactions and thoughts on the book. Each week we will read a chapter and have a commentary post with discussion questions to get the conversation started. It is our hope that each of you will feel moved to comment on the book and how God is moving in your life. Oh, what a great journey this is going to be!

So, please join our group, and pick up your copy of Anything. And in the meantime, please feel free to contact either one of us with questions or comments.

Your sisters in Christ,

Hope – 4hopejoypeace@gmail.com / http://www.hopejoypeace.com

Karina Allen – karina268@ilovejesus.net


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