Taste And See {Taste}

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8


There are so many layers to this verse! Taste and see…what does that really mean? In a world where where people are valued for acquiring more and more knowledge, God does not place value on this. He doesn’t want us to just learn about Him and simply have head knowledge. He wants us to actually know Him, intimately and personally. We spend time with Him, talking with Him and learning His voice.


We taste Him there.

We experience His goodness there.


The more we taste of His character, the more we see His goodness. 

The more we see His goodness, the more we trust that He is a refuge for us.


He is a safe place. That is the blessing! He is a refuge of comfort, peace, strength, hope and joy. Taste and see. Trust. Be blessed.



How have  you seen and tasted of the goodness of God?



Longing For Safe People {Long}

Unmet longings invade every aspect of our lives and span the length of time. They may or may not be fulfilled. They may or not even be recognized.

During the Allume conference this past weekend, a key message by Sophie Hudson opened my eyes to a longing that I didn’t know that I had..a longing for safe people. This longing is not something unattainable. It can be totally met if I let God lead the way. See, I tend to be crazy independent and self-sufficient. It’s how I have always been. I’ve never had that close group of friends, a clique, if you will. I am a little bit of a gypsy. I jump from group to group. So, I know a myriad of people on an acquaintance level.


But, that needs to stop. I am learning that I need to put down some roots in community. I am delighted to say that it is happening…in real life and online.


In 1 Thessalonians 3, Timothy visits the church on behalf of Paul. From him, the church hears of Paul’ s love for them, kind words about them and his longing to see them. They longed to see Paul just as much. That is a deep well of friendship right there. Paul was a safe person to this church body and they were a safe place for him. This was only possible because their foundation was Christ.


I need safe people.

I need safe places.

I need to be a safe person.

I need to create a safe place.


The Lord longs to cultivate that in us and place us in these safe communities. That’s His design. That’s His heartbeat.



Do you have safe people? Are you a safe person?







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Always, Still a Work in Progress


Always, Still a Work in Progress

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May the God of hope fill you with all joy & peace in believing - Romans 15:13

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Always, Still a Work in Progress

Always, Still a Work in Progress

Always, Still a Work in Progress

Always, Still a Work in Progress


Always, Still a Work in Progress


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